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The advances of Swiss marine cell therapy.

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The anti-ageing secrets of celebrities and leaders.

We all aspire to a dynamic and energetic life even though we are getting older. All throughout history, mankind has desperately searched for the famous “fountain of youth” and “the elixir of life”. Getting older is inevitable, but today with the latest advances in cell therapy, ageing can be significantly halted. Stars from show business, well-known figures and celebrities have been able to show the world that the process of ageing can be stopped. They emit an aura of youth and energy. Whatever their age, time no longer has a hold on them.

Their secret is their visits to famous anti-ageing clinics in Europe—more particularly, in Switzerland and Germany. They are specialised in rejuvenation, using cellular revitalisation and regeneration as cell therapy techniques. This cell therapy allows them to maintain their abilities and tremendous physical performance compared to their biological age.

“Growing older is inevitable, but today with the latest advances in cell therapy, ageing can be stopped.”

On account of its phenomenal success, cell therapy has acquired a global reputation for being a revolutionary regenerative technique.

The History of Cell Therapy

The science of cell therapy is not a new phenomenon. The use of cell therapy for medical purposes dates back thousands of years. The Egyptian hieroglyphs in the medical Ebers Papyrus that was written 1,600 B.C. recommend injections of animal organs to improve human vitality.

Scientists first began by transplanting tissue 2,000 years ago. In the Middle Ages, Paracelsus, the great philosopher and scientist, believed that the most effective way of reconstructing or revitalising degenerating organs or damaged tissue was to use similar living cells from animals.

At the end of the 19th century in Paris, physiologist Brown-Séquard also demonstrated the powerful effects of cell therapy when he experienced a significant increase in virility by injecting himself with cell extracts from bull testicles. At the end of the 19th century, remarkable research on cell therapy by French Nobel laureate Dr Alexis Carrel not only astounded the medical world but profoundly inspired Professor Dr Paul von Niehans, one of the greatest surgeons, who is considered to be the inventor of live cell therapy.

In modern times, cell therapy has gained credibility around the world thanks to the meticulous research of Dr Paul Niehans, who in 1931 made an exceptional contribution to the technique of organ extraction. Professor Niehans applied his discoveries to cell therapy on more than 50,000 patients. Among his patients were the world leaders of the time—Winston Churchill, General de Gaulle and American President Dwight Eisenhower—, but also well-known figures like the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Cell therapy has acquired a global reputation thanks to its phenomenal success. Today it is recognised as the most effective regenerative technique.

All the Swiss advances in cell therapy in a capsule

Today you do not have to use injectable products; Celergen offers you cell therapy in capsules produced using Swiss cold-process DNA extraction technology. Celergen is clinically tested and powerfully encapsulated with essential elements from marine DNA cell extracts that are known for their supreme rejuvenating, regenerative and anti-oxidant properties, which result in immense energy, a significant increase in vitality, and timeless beauty.

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